Energy Saving Ballast
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ACCENTZ, INC.’s scope of work includes design, sales, consulting, project management, and project implementation. We deploy experts for our client projects. Accentz is a single source provider of products and services.

This is the best ballast in the market for energy savings, lighting retrofit projects and maintenance. The ESD will save over 50% of the energy on all fluorescent lamps with magnetic ballasts. It is an excellent replacement ballast for fluorescent fixtures even for fixtures that have electronic ballasts. It helps reduce the quantity and types of ballasts in the inventory.


The ESD (Energy Saving Device) not only saves energy, consumed by fluorescent lamps but also reduces EMI (Electro Magnetic interference), RFI (Radio Frequency Interference), Losses & Harmonics. This also reduces eye soreness and headaches – making employees more productive.

Universal Input Voltage & Frequency – One ballast for 120V, 240V, 277V input Voltage – 50 or 60 Hz
Single and Dual Lamp Fluorescent Fixtures – One Ballast for 28W, 32W or 36W single (1) or dual (2)
lamps, circular and U bend fixtures
Ballast Factor and Power Factor – Greater than 0.99 for Low – Normal – High BF in a
single ballast
Optimum or maximum energy savings – Three Ballast Factor Settings in “One” Ballast” Low (0.77) –
Normal (0.95) – High (1.10)
– Power Factor is Greater than 0.99 for all three Ballast
– Adjust light or brightness levels to “Low-Normal-High” in
the field
Reduces Energy Consumption – Up to 50% compared to magnetic ballasts, up to 12%
compared to electronic ballasts
Fewer Components – less than 50 as compared to 90+ in other ballasts, increases
Lower Harmonics – low THD, EMI, RFI – Less than 3% at 120V, less than 5% at 240V,
less than 10% at 277V
– As compared to 10 percent or greater harmonic distortion in
most ballasts
Unique Soft Start and Increased Lamp Life – Rapid Soft Program Start increases lamp life in normal use
Weight and Inventory Skews – The ballast weighs Less than 1 lb and reduces the number of
SKU in the inventory